Red Feather Lake, 30x24x20, $675

Serenity, 24x24x2, $500

FLaming Sky,  30x24x2, $675

Crescendo Sky, 30x24x2, $675

Moon, 20x24x2, $400

Dreamy, 24x24x2,  $425

Bright Sky, 36x48, $1,375 (sold)

River Snow,  36x24x2

$725 (sold)

Yellow Light in Forest, 24x20x2,  $480

Pink Clouds, 12x12, Homage to Irma Cerese     SOLD

Sunrise,  Sunset, 

20x20   Sold

Falling into Winter, 20x24x2, $325, Homage to Larissa Aukon

The Village, 20x16, $325, Homage to Pete Wileman

Forest Lake, 20x16, $225 , sold

Bright Sky, 20x16, $325

Homage to Norman Smith

Lavender & Green, 20x16, $325, SOLD

Homage to Brian Ryder, SOLD

Reflections, 24x24x2 , $425, Homage to Laurisa Aukon

Spring in Colorado, 20x20x2, $325

Mountain Moon, 20x24, $325

El the Elephant, 16x20, $325

Elaganta,  24x24x2, $395, Sold 

Elafanta, 9x12, canvas panel, $75

   Snowy Mountains

   20x24, $325

Springtime in New        Mexico 24x24x2

 $475  Homage to Ken Roth

       Dancing Aspens         

          24x20, $325

Wild Sky, 18x24, $350

                homage to Greg Stocks

Colorado Fall, 24x20, $510 w frame, $425 without

Southwest, 18x24, $350

                     homage to Erin Hanson, sold

Giverny Garden, 24x20, $350

Evening, 24x18, $375

Blue Barn,  24x20, $285,

Sold , Homage to Peter Batchelder

Yellow Fields

24x20, $285

Homage to Jane Hunt

Bloomin, 24x30, $425 SOLD

 Lake View, 18x18, $285, Sold 

Colorado, 18x24, $295

Wild Bouquet

30x20, $380

Moonshine, 20x20, $295 homage to  Doug Dawson, SOLD

Junque, 20 x 16,


Lonesome  Road

12x16, $125

Reservoir Road, 20x30, $395, sold

Juried show at Boulder Public Library

Safe Harbor,

16x20, $290

Ship Ahoy,

16x20, $220

Fall Into Winter, 20x24, $395, sold

Boats Afloat, 16x20,

$225, Homage Georges Braque

Flower WOW 8x8, sold

Flowers Bustin' Out

8x8, sold

Two Paintings---- Sun Up & Moon Down, both 12x15, $110 for both, or $60 each.  sold

Lavender Sky, 11x14$125, Homage to Peter Batchelder, SOLD

Barn, 11x14, $125, Homage to Peter Batchelder, SOLD

Desert Flowers

16x20, Sold

Yellow Brick Road   20x24, $325. Sold

Orange Sky

16x22, $290

River Bend

22x16, $290, Sold

Purple Rain

18x24, $290

Red Mountains

24 x 30  $380


18x24, $290

Flatiron Lights

24x20, $285, Sold

River, 20x20, Sold

Homage to Judy Fuller

City Gray, 18x14, $150, sold

Urban Energy, 16x20, $150 

French Fields

12x16, $125

Mt. Colors, 12x16, $125, sold

Spring Snowfall

20x16,  Sold

Fall Snow 16x20,

$290 Homage John F. Carlson


Road Shadows, 10x10

Homage to Ian Roberts  Sold


Maroon Mt. Majesty

12x12, Sold

Old Orange Truck

18x14, $400 

     Sunbathing Tulips

      11x14, $150

Cowboy Cabin

 12x12,  Sold


River Sparkle

 12x12, Homage to Wolf Kahn, SOLD

Mountain Sunflowers,

HYAT T Juried Show, 2016

 12x12, Sold

The Duck

 12x12, Sold

The Purple Pedernal

 12x12, Sold

 Red Barn

Homage To Wolf Kahn

 12x14, $170

Mt. Road, $125, sold

Mountain Flowers

 12x12, sold

            Jazz Notes

            5x7, $35


Sailing Home,

 12x12, $125.

Deco Mountains Uno,

 12x12, Sold

    River Run,

    9x12,  Sold, Homage to Ian                  Roberts 

Laurie's Garden

 12x12, $125

    Snow Peaks

    12x12, $125

Poppies 12x16, $125, sold

Trees  18x20, $175

Deco Mountains Dos

 12x12,  Sold

 Summer Meadow

Commissioned Work