The Flatirons by Day, 20x24x1, $475

The Flatirons by Night,  20x20x2 $475

Flatirons in Fall, 20x20x2, $475

Snow Hill, Oil Painting 14x11x1, $150

Sailing the Oceans Blue, 20x24x2, $390

River Rumble, 20x24 $390

Neon Desert, 20x20, $325

New Mexico Pot, 12x12, $80

Cloud Party, 12x12, $80

  Red Rocks, 12x16, $95

Flower Bike, 11x14, $85

Red Barn, 16x12, $130

Rooster at the Barn, 16x12, $150, Epoxy Resin for a great shine!

Pink Cloud, 14x11, $90

Sunflowers , 14x11, $130 each or $325 for all 3

Coated them with Epoxy Resin for a fabulous shine!

Peaceful,  24x24x2, $425

Swamp Fever, 20x20x2, $395

               Migration, 30x24x2, $675

Heat 1, 20x20x1, $350

Sun Up, 20x20x2 , $395 

Marshland, 24x24x2, $525

FLaming Sky,  30x24x2, $675

Crescendo Sky, 30x24x2, $675

Yellow Light in Forest, 24x20x2,  $480

Moon, 20x24x2, $400, sold

Fall into Winter, 20x24x2, $325, Homage to Larissa Aukon

The Village, 20x16, $190, Homage to Pete Wileman

Reflections, 24x24x2  $425, Homage to Laurisa Aukon

Mountain Moon, 20x24, $325

Ship Ahoy, 16x20, $190

Red Mountains

24 x 30  $380

El the Elephant, 16x20, $325

El the Elephant, 16x20, $325

   Snowy Mountains

   20x24, $325

Evening, 24x18, $395

Springtime in New Mexico 24x24x2

 $475  Homage to Ken Roth

Wild Sky, 18x24, $350

                homage to Greg Stocks

Colorado Fall, 24x20, $510 w frame, $425 without, Was signature painting in Open Studios 2018

Urban Energy, 16x20, $110 

Wild Bouquet 30x20, $340

Safe Harbor,

16x20, $290

Yellow Fields24x20, $285

Homage to Jane Hunt

Giverny Garden, 24x20, $350

Blooms, 18x24, $290

Sailing Home, 16x12, $80

 Red Barn, Homage To Wolf Kah 12x14, $170

Boats Afloat, 16x20,

$225, Homage Georges Braque

Lonesome  Road, 12x16, $95

Red Feather Lakes , 36x24x2, $675, sold

All Paintings Below Have Sold

          If you see a painting you like I can paint one very similar.  

Bright Sky, 36x48, $1,375, sold

Mt. Serenity, 18x18x1, $390. sold 

Dreamy, 24x24x2,  $425, sold

Sunrise,  Sunset, 20x20   Sold

Lavender & Green, 20x16, $325, SOLD

Homage to Brian Ryder, SOLD

Southwest, 18x24, $350

                     homage to Erin Hanson, sold

Pink Clouds, 12x12, Homage to Irma Cerese     SOLD

Moon, 20x24x2, $380, sold

River Snow,  36x24x2

$725 (sold)

Elaganta,  24x24x2, $395, Sold 

Forest Lake, 20x16, $225 , sold

Blue Barn,  24x20, $285,

Sold , Homage to Peter Batchelder

Bloomin, 24x30, $425 SOLD

Moonshine, 20x20, $295 homage to  Doug Dawson, SOLD

 Lake View, 18x18, $285, Sold 

Reservoir Road, 20x30, $395, sold

Juried show at Boulder Public Library

Fall Into Winter, 20x24, $395, sold

Lavender Sky, 11x14$125, Homage to Peter Batchelder, SOLD

Barn, 11x14, $125, Homage to Peter Batchelder, SOLD

Desert Flowers, 16x20, Sold

Yellow Brick Road   20x24, $325. Sold

River Bend

22x16, $290, Sold

Purple Rain

18x24, $290 sold

Flatiron Lights

24x20, $285, Sold

River, 20x20, Sold

Homage to Judy Fuller

City Gray, 18x14, $150, sold

Mt. Colors, 12x16, $125, sold

Spring Snowfall

20x16,  Sold

Fall Snow 16x20, $290 Homage John F. Carlson


Road Shadows, 10x10

Homage to Ian Roberts  Sold


Maroon Mt. Majesty

12x12, Sold

Cowboy Cabin, 12x12,  Sold


River Sparkle

 12x12, Homage to Wolf Kahn, SOLD

Mountain Sunflowers,

HYAT T Juried Show, 2016

 12x12, Sold

The Duck 12x12, Sold

The Purple Pedernal

 12x12, Sold

Mt. Road, $125, sold

Mountain Flowers

 12x12, sold

            Jazz Notes

            5x7, $35


Deco Mountains Uno,

 12x12, Sold

    River Run, 9x12,  Sold, Homage                                      to Ian  Roberts 

Poppies 12x16, $125, sold

Deco Mountains Dos

 12x12,  Sold

,Gold Hill Meadow

Commissioned Work